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Reporting Services for Developers

Training Exercises:

  • Create a New Report (recommended first training exercise)
  • Action (demonstrates the options available for moving from one report to another as well as navigating within a report itself)
  • Grouping (demonstrates the concepts of groups and the differences between the table and matrix in Reporting Services)

Helpful Tips:

  • Blackboard Analytics Explanation how Blackboard Analytics (BbA) implements their data warehouse here at UMBC. This information may be proprietary to Blackboard Analytics and should not be shared outside the campus.
  • Dimensional Modeling Generic explanation of dimensional modeling, which is the method data is usually stored in a data warehouse
  • How to translate Term SourceKey

Style Guides:

These style guides should be applied to all Guided Reports that reside in the following folders: Admissions, At a Glance, Census Data, Curriculum Management, Data Administration, Human Resources, Student Records and Enrollment. Does not apply to any ‘internal’ subfolders, which are strictly used for back office purposes.

Additional Help: