Feel free to review presentations given at various conferences by UMBC’s data warehouse team. Please contact us if you have any questions related to a presentation or would like to “borrow” something.

Bridge Building: IR’s Role in Data Governance
Nov 2018, NEAIR

Data Governance at a Public Research Institution
Nov 2018, Purdue Data Summit (copy of NEAIR presentation)

Meta-Reports: a Bird’s Eye View of Operational Data at UMBC
June 2015, Higher Education User Group (HEUG)

Reporting Data Quality Issues
Oct 2012, Blackboard Analytics

State Reporting with Blackboard Analytics DW
June 2012, PeopleSoft Mid-Atlantic HEUG

Using Student Analytics to Provide State Reporting
Nov 2011, Blackboard Analytics

Using a DW to Audit a Transactional System at UMBC
Apr 2009, Higher Education Data Warehouse (HEDW)