Guided Reports
Pre-written reports which allow authorized users to change options to suit their needs.  These reports are delivered with Microsoft Reporting Services.
RS Example
Exploratory Analysis
Advanced users can explore the data warehouse and create their own reports.  This requires additional training and authorization, and is not intended for the casual user.  This exploration is done with Pyramid.
List of Reports (A-Z)
An alphabetical listing of all the guided reports.
Most Popular Reports
A guided report that show the top 10 most popular reports that have been run since the past 30 days, past year or since January 1.
My Report History
This is a guided report that shows all the REX reports you have run.  It will give a top 10 most recent reports you have run, and the top 10 most popular, based on the number of times you have run the report.  There is also a sortable listing of every REX report you have run.
Find A Report
There are a number of different methods for searching for a report.