Resources to Monitor Student Online Course Engagement

As UMBC continues an emphasis on online classes during COVID-19/Coronavirus, we have a variety of reports and resources to ensure that students are engaged with the courses. The reports below will assist you in determining whether and how recently students are using Blackboard to access their courses.

Instructor Course List

Are the students in my classes logging into Blackboard and accessing the material in my classes?

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These reports take instructors directly to information about the courses they teach this term. The course roster shows the number of days it has been since a student has logged into Blackboard and summary information about how students are using Blackboard in an individual class.

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Mobile Blackboard Usage

Are students using mobile devices to access course material?

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Mobile Learn Course at a Glance: most useful for identifying students who may not have an appropriate device.

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Blackboard Student at a Glance

What can I see about how an individual student is using Blackboard in each of their classes?

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Most useful for student success and advising staff.

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More detailed reports are available inside every Blackboard course.

If you feel that one of your Undergraduate students needs academic assistance, please consider referring them to the Academic Advocates via the Advocate Referral Form.

DoIT is collecting information we need to assist students who may not have an appropriate device to use. In those cases submit a help ticket.