Acceptable Use

It is UMBC’s philosophy to provide access to institutional data as broadly as possible.   Access to UMBC data brings with it an obligation for responsible usage, which includes adherence to University, state and federal policies that affect how institutional data can be used.  Users accessing data must observe requirements for confidentiality and privacy, must comply with protection and control procedures, and must accurately present the data in any use.

Any requests for data by external parties, or for external usage, should be directed to the appropriate Data Manager for that data.  Your access to data is authorized for internal usage and should not be used for external requests, unless approved by the Data Manager.

Examples of Acceptable Use

  • Generate a list of students in my major, so I can contact them for advising
  • Generate a list of new admits in my department, so I can contact them to encourage enrollment
  • Generate a list of recent graduates for a departmental alumni listserv

Examples of Unacceptable Use

  • Generate a list of admitted students or graduation candidates to inquire, on behalf of my neighbor, the status of their son’s application for admission or graduation.
  • Supply an external company a list of students in my department with GPAs less than 2.0, to market tutoring services